Frequently Asked Questions

What if my Login screen is not loading?

-Close your broswer and then open a new browser and try again

What does "Code Required" mean?

-On the screen that indicates "Code Required", you can click on "Why?" to get an explanation. You must have a personal email/phone on file. If you do not, call Help Desk at 678-474-2300

What if I am not getting code sent to me?

- Use the "REQUEST NEW CODE" button and try a different delivery method if you have more than one. - If you do not have 2 delivery methods you can update your profile in MyHR or Password Manager

What if I am having an application issues?

-For ANY application logon screen issue, call the Help Desk at 678-474-2300


-If you have issues after logging into InSite, issues with your employee number, or issues related to Human Resources, call HR Services at 1-800-234-6229